Friday, July 13, 2012

New Stuff

53 New Embellishment!!!  That's how the reveal started.  Everyone went wild!  You could actually feel the energy in the room!  Here's a list more new stuff (I'll try to remember as much as I can because I can't go through the book because everyone is still asleep and  I don't want to turn on a light and wake them!).
A new Cricut Cartridge (WOOHOO!!! 700 more images and new stamps to match - same deal as before $99 and includes 3 stamp sets and 3 dimensional element sheets - it has a lot of 3d projects, but they are including a book to help you put them together!), new markers (alcohol ink, kind of like Copic, but cheaper (2 for $5.95), CTMH product and fits our tower!), 24 packs of paper back (of all colors!), 6 new colors (all neutrals except Ruby), we now have 40 colors (the have retired 20 of them!), 8 new paper packs, Pigment INK PAD TOWERS (10 colors, 2 x 2 square, $20!  AWESOME), New How-TO system, 13 Workshop on the Go's (8 for paper packs, 2 for cards, 2 home dec and 1 (crap, I can't remember the last one!)

So much new stuff, it's very hard to try to recall it all!  But, I can tell you, you are going to love it ALL... I sure do!!!


  1. How exciting!!! Can't wait to see it all and hear all about your journey!!!

  2. WOW!! We WILL be sitting on your doorstep when you get home! So glad you are having a good time. Can't wait for you to get back. Have another fun day. Hugs, Lavon

  3. Are you saying they have a new ink pad tower,now that I just bought mind. Bummer. Have fun and cant wait to see all the new stuff

  4. Not a new storage tower... A new ink pad tower. It's 10 different colors of ink pads that are about 2" x 2" each. Something totally new and different. They are pigment ink instead of our regular dye based ink.