Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Cropper Member Update

Here's the most current list of Crazy Cropper Members.  Be sure you enter your email address under "Follow by Email" and click on submit.  Then, follow the instructions.  This way, you will be notified by email whenever I post a new post!
Robin Kimery, Christine Rantz, Susan Bruce, Beth Bruner, Amy Roller, Brenda Boyd, Lori Ball, Vickie Hooker, Vickie Alcorn, Michelle Leigh, Toni Huffman, Keli Haymes, Nancy Rogers, Becky Pearce and Tysha Shay... that's 15 of us!!! WOOHOO!!!  You all will be the very first to see some of the new stuff from CTMH in Dallas!!!  YEEHAA... (that's woohoo in Texan!)


  1. Can't wait till the convention starts for you! :-)

    Vickie M